Daniele Dalbosco, Andrea Govi, Matteo Gullo, Sacha Hickinbotham, Antonio La Marca

AWE is a project started as an entry for a competition to transform some abandoned areas in the suburb of London. It became an occasion to research and think about the future of public spaces and our relation with technology.

SuperSpatial interprets the notion of a ‘blank canvas’ as an opportunity for flexible use, while setting up a framework for communal adaptation and engagement. The empty space of the site is used as an advantage of our proposition as it opposes the dense residential area surrounding the site, creating a point of release for activities and socialising. The proposal is divided into three components: The frame, the tower, and the surface

The light frame that surrounds the square helps to define the space as a destination, yet allows for easy access to the site without creating barriers. Set at a height on 2.8m referenced from the surrounding floor level, the internal space intends to create a comfortable and familiar scale that people of the community will feel welcome to use. The high beam spanning the circumference of the square is used as an anchor point for various uses including screens, displays, features, artworks etc.

The modern concept of a city and its technologies defy how we traditionally perceive a community. The idea of a physical place is become obsolete as we identify closer with our online communities rather than our physical ones. Included in SuperSpatial’s proposal for AWE is a phone and computer app to co-ordinate people within the community for the organisation of the site. Not only acting a banal function of a timetable, the app aims to bridge the gap between digital and physical; the app becomes the catalyst for communal engagement as people interact to co-ordinate uses for the site, but also advertise activities for other to participate.