Andrea Govi, Matteo Gullo, Antonio La Marca, Linda Martellini, Jin Zhao

The project is about transforming a former renaissance chapel in the center of Florence, with a complex history, into a showroom and a co-working space for a furniture brand.  The building, in the centuries, had different functions, from church and cemetery chapel, to cinema, restaurant, shop. It has even been a night club. Every change in history had left some architectural additions to the original volume.

The project wants to bring back the space to its original simplicity and purity, without removing the alterations from the past. With few actions and changes in the materials and in the circulation layout, the project divides what is old from what is new, underlining the different history of the elements. The modern volume, added in the 80s, gives the opportunity to create a multipurpose space, transformable and hyper flexible, with a metal structure and digital technologies inside.

The space can break the original geometry of the chapel, and insert different activities in the same place, from meetings and co-working, to parties, exhibitions or temporary events.  The modern additions are covered by aluminum and metal grids, while the old elements are cleaned from the layer of paint. The plaster of the walls will be removed as  the the new ceiling that covers the original roof. Instead of these materials the old parts will be protected by a metal mesh, that can play with the light and the perception of the space.