2018 - 2019


Andrea Govi, Matteo Gullo, Antonio La Marca

Edoardo Maida and Studio Grifoni (MEP)

Leonardo Ceni (Structure)

Fabio Miniati (Acoustic)

The production site of a luxury house is usually hidden, while the products are exposed. Now people’s interest has shifted from ‘what’ to ‘how’. The factory therefore becomes an intrinsic production showcase. The site project is hidden among the Chianti hills, a region known all around the world for its wine. Agricultural activity is the main focus and a production site would never be expected.

The project comes from the experience of the visitors. The factory is studied to have an efficient workflow on the ground floor that becomes the main show of the visitor tour, which starts from the first floor and gradually touches the production area. The building is studied as a membrane. The facades, except for basement, are made of translucent polycarbonate that allows the context to be part of the interior space.

The ground floor is dedicate to the daily workflow while upstairs the creativity area is divided in formal and informal spaces. From the visitors entrance, on the first floor, we can directly access to the workshop, the auditorium and the restaurant. Using the informal spaces as corridor, offices are distributed in the north side while meeting rooms face directly to the winter gardens.