Proposal for Europan 14

Valentina Cocco, Federica Giorgetta, Andrea Govi, Matteo Gullo, Antonio La Marca, Davide Masserini, Klaudio Muça,

Filippo Oppiminti, Stella Porta, Diletta Trinari

Sometimes absence can be more powerful than presence.

The proposal recalls the idea of Karlskrona as the “city in the water”, restoring its original morphology of detachment. Since the main connection to the city is from the mainland, the project focuses on the perception of arriving to Karlskrona by car. Coming out from the woods the visitor finds himself surrounded by the water, the natural environment frames the view to the old city at a distance. The gate comes together in the eyes of the visitor approaching Karlskrona, re-framing meter after meter sea, urban spaces and proposed floating buildings in one glance.

In order to establish a strong relationship with Trosso, the project recreates an urban fabric with similar spatial proportions and orientation to the one of the old city, making the XVII century urban fabric float in the water. By extending the old urban fabric, the project establishes a connection with the mainland for bikes and pedestrians. Thanks to this new link, Karlskrona acquires two gates: one perceived when coming from the Österleden road and the other crossing the bridge towards the new urban fabric. Both gates consist of the experience of crossing the water. The condition of isolation of the land moves away from its original defensive purpose and becomes a strategy to preserve green spaces near the center and to design a public space with a unique natural quality. The absence becomes a recurring design strategy. The void created by the public park, is interpreted as a powerful hinge point that holds the different urban fabrics of Karlskrona together allowing them to experience their connection to the water. The green area expands to the pedestrian bridge and becomes a linear park . It accompanies pedestrian flows, passing through a series of public spaces, and creates a vital ground to develop the public life of the city.