Competition, 1st place

Alessandro Caputo, Andrea Govi, Antonio La Marca, Gabriele Piazzo, Pouria Shaghaghi

The essence of the site is about being public. The space, that has always been a hinge-point for meeting and exchange, it is still today a center of public flows. The challenge is to design the space in-between, the infrastructure and the city. The square is a place that needs to be representative and monumental but also intimate and welcoming. The space needs to adapt to different traffic needs, possible public events, everyday use. The project is a formless surface that can accommodate all the possible events of the city.

A surface that folds to create a public scenography and to give privacy to residential neighborhoods, or to realize different public places. A platform that is flexible to any change, that in any moment perfectly answers to the needs of the city and the public.

The square will be the new gate of Pogdorica. A representative public space that can perfectly be the arrival point of a visitor in the Capital of Montenegro. The first sight of a public and urban space. A representative place that it’s at the same time connected to the neighborhood. A place that can be experienced by its inhabitants every day. A space suitable for pedestrians, which leaves a large space for the view from the station but at the same time finds moments of intimacy in the shade of the trees.

The square communicates with the other public spaces of Pogdorica. In fact, it’s inserted in a system of public spaces and green corridors. The project reinterprets the context on a large scale, combining different components of the city in a single place: the green one, the residential one, the monumental one linked to the scale of the other squares or large transport infrastructures.