2017 Competition, 1st prize ex-aequo Daniele Dalbosco, Andrea Govi, Matteo Gullo, Sacha Hickinbotham, Antonio La Marca, Davide Masserini

The essence of the site is about being public. The space, that has always been a hinge-point for meeting and exchange, it is still today the center of the public life of the city. It is a connection for the main public functions, from the station to the theatre, the museum, the park and the housing. All these public activities have a very special typology and take place in a well-designed  space. The challenge is to design the spaces in-between, the place that can accommodate all the public activities that don’t take place with a specific form, or that are temporary. The space can adapt to different traffic needs, possible public events, everyday use with different climates. The project is a formless surface that can accommodate all the possible events of the city.

A platform that is  flexible to any change, that in any moment perfectly answers to the needs of the city and the public.