2019 Competition Mehmet Altunbay, Claudia Gardinetti, Andrea Govi, Matteo Gullo, Jan Krupa, Antonio La Marca Colucci & Partners

The project aims to expand the existing primary school and to create a new kindergarten, dealing with the landscape of Lattecaldo and the intervention of 1974.

The first operation consists in the expansion of the existing school, following the morphology and orientation of Finzi's project. The canteen and related services are connected to the school lobby,  following the indications for a possible extension already present in the existing project. It is possible to identify a new service axis, perpendicular to the classrooms, where the new canteen joins the gym and laboratories. The new volume also includes support services for meal preparation. The kitchen becomes the real connection between the two parts of the project, between the elementary school and the kindergarten. The preparation and distribution of food become the point of contact between the two parts and the transition between the orthogonal and the organic system, open to the landscape.

The second design operation is made up of a simple volume, which is slightly rotated then the primary school system and opens up to the context, following the orography of the terrain. The visual cone towards the valley is maintained and enhanced and the new classrooms face the mountain, with an optimal orientation in terms of natural lighting. The nursery school is at a lower level than the main classrooms and services of the elementary school, keeping the circulation flows of the two schools separate.

A new square allows the school-bus to reach the entrance of the building and to restocking the kitchen. A new system of ramps connects the different levels of the elementary school and at the same time separates the open spaces of the two schools.