2018 Competition Andrea Govi, Matteo Gullo, Gohar Harutyunyan, Aleksandar Janakievski, Jan Krupa, Antonio La Marca

The ‘Cloud’ is a shapeless and continously transforming monument. The expected life span of two week makes pointless every study on a possible form. The image of the pavilion will be so ephemeral that it will exist only in the memories of the visitors. Every user will have a different memory of it and will tell a different story based on a different activity.

For this reason the installation is about creating infinite possible forms that can be arranged according to the events proposed by the curators or directly hacked by its user.


The first proposed shape is the one of the oldest monument in Mexico, the opposite of an ephemeral pavilion. The Maya pyramid is reinvented in a light and playful material. The monument is not a monument anymore, it can be dismantled into an infinite number of configurations.


The pavilion is a mass of 365 recycled hemp blocks, painted in blue color. The number is the same of the steps of the original mexican pyramids, like the days of the year; but the new material change the object from the miniature of a monument into a toy, a pavilion that everybody can creativelly interact and design.