2019 Completed Andrea Govi, Giuseppe Greppi, Matteo Gullo, Antonio La Marca, Alessandro Ricci, Jacob Westerman

The cover pages of the magazines and newspapers in this newsstand are fake. However, they are an example of the possible future conditions for many rural regions in Italy.

Molise is the emblematic example of a place that due to, demographic decline, a lack of infrastructure and a lack of job opportunities, is becoming an abandoned region. The region has the fewest number of visiting tourists in the whole of Italy. There is no airport, and only 36 km (22 miles) of motorways. There is a scattered city inhabited by 305,947 people that, according to a recent yet common expression for Italians ‘Molise doesn’t exist’ there’s even a Facebook group with 70,000 members saying Molise doesn’t exist.

Nevertheless, there is one form of infrastructure which could change the future of the region. The Internet, a good internet connection would make Molise the perfect place for many young creatives and could be an alternative urban development model. A place that can offer a healthier, more sustainable and affordable lifestyle, whilst at the same time allowing you to remain connected. At a moment in time, where the office is becoming a more fluid concept, when it’s possible to work from home, with your computer the next generation might choose Molise and other rural or suburban settlements as an alternative to the City.