2019 Competition Miguel Biavalos, Martina Clara, Adèle Daligaut , Andrea Govi, Matteo Gullo, Antonio La Marca, Aurora Maggio

The project is located in a fragile and uncertain context. Its condition is floating between the risk of archaeological damage and the need to create public spaces and outdoor areas to be used by the growing urban population. The park is not a decorative or a natural element, it is a complex tool that works with its section to protect the sanctuary and to mediate its relation with the urban pressure. For this reasons the project needs to be light and flexible, it adapts to different conditions: the topography, the different neighborhoods that touch it, the possibility of an archaeological encounter. The park is a machine, an instrument to live the area and re-appropriate the space in a not invasive way. It has a double function: the project protects what is hidden (the past) and reactivate the present.

There is an extremely interesting and beautiful relation with time in the overall competition idea, the necessity to protect a past memory for future generations, becomes the excuse and the occasion to work on the present reality, to create possibilities of space for current generations. Preventing destruction becomes the occasion to re-discuss the current urban dynamics and create dialogue. For this reason the project has its double aim. It’s a surface that is almost floating on the ground, and puts in relation the different activities of the context.

The context conditions influences the concept that is based on different layers. The first levels are already present on the site and are made by the archaeological ruins from different ages, then the project is structured with different layers: the first is a pattern of new activities and programs, shaped with the scale of rural fields or urban blocks, the second is a layer of connections and paths that integrate the park in the city, the third transforms the park into a productive device, not a decorative and demanding area but a part of the city that produces not only leisure and culture, but also different resources, such as energy, agricultural products and wood, water and biodiversity.